Dan Savage: My priest helped me come out

Via Joe My God. Video below the fold. I’ll say in advance that I don’t think this reflects well on the Catholic Church: [Read more…]

US politics in the next couple decades: the most plausible prediction I’ve seen

A couple days ago, Ed Brayton blogged about about something I’ve been thinking about for awhile, doing a really good job of expressing why American politics is so weird right now. Then one of his readers chimed in with a pretty convincing account of what happens next. First, Ed: [Read more…]

Dear Richard, please admit you screwed up with your review of Bart Ehrman’s latest book

So… before I get into the meat of this post, I want to say that for a long time, I was quite eager to read Richard Carrier’s books on the historicity of Jesus (actually I’ve just ordered the first one; the second one isn’t out yet). I hadn’t been impressed with most of the “mythicist” [Read More…]

Randal Rauser explains the problems with C. S. Lewis’ view of Hell

The popularity of C. S. Lewis among¬†fundagelicals is a bit puzzling, because he was, relative to them, a liberal. One thing he does for them, though, is give them an orthodox-sounding way to make the doctrine of Hell less odious. Lewis, you see, thought Hell was something people inflict on themselves by rejecting God. But [Read More…]

Ross Douthat promotes myth about religious basis of morality

Ross Douthat, who inexplicably has job as a columnist at the New York Times, is doing an exchange with William Saletan at Slate that looks to be full ‘o all kinds of fail, but this entry (HT: Julian Sanchez) especially caught my eye: [Read more…]

PZ Myers gives exactly the right response to “presuppositionalist” Sye

A number of years ago, back when I was still in college, I got invited on to a Christian podcast IIRC called “The Narrow Mind” (way to play to stereotypes there!). It ended up being one of my first encounters with a branch of Christian apologetics called “presuppositionalism.” Basically, presuppositionalism involves declaring that all reasoning [Read More…]

Dale Allison quote on the apocalyptic Jesus

I managed to dig up a quote from biblical scholar Dale Allison’s book Resurrecting Jesus that strikes me as highly relevant to last week’s discussion of Bart Ehrman’s book: [Read more…]

Threatened blasphemy prosecution for debunking “miracle” statue

Ugh: look at what’s happening in India (HT: Ophelia): [Read more…]

Questions for Bart Ehrman/Ehrman sort-of defends Christianity

So in my previous post I mentioned that Bart Ehrman’s view, which I share, is that Jesus’ earliest followers didn’t think he was God, and on top of that Jesus was an apocalyptic preacher who went around saying that God was going to establish a literal Kingdom of Heaven on earth very soon. Since Jesus [Read More…]