From the archives: Bart Ehrman’s misleading piece on the history of Christian Fundamentalism

Haven’t done a “From the archives” post yet this week, and I realized I needed to link this post while writing a separate post I’m working on, which will appear shortly. [Read more…]

Review: Bart Ehrman’s Did Jesus Exist?

I’ve decided to write two posts on agnostic Biblical scholar Bart Ehrman’s new book. This is the main review, which discusses Ehrman’s main theses and arguments. The other post will be about issues of interest to people involved in atheist-Christian debates, but which are secondary issues within the book itself. [Read more…]

Way to go Daniel Fincke!

On Sunday (in a not-April-Fool’s post) Daniel Fincke posted a long defense of Richard Dawkins’ Reason Rally speech. In a comment thread at, Dawkins commented to say, “I am extremely pleased by Daniel Fincke’s article, which says exactly what I SHOULD have said and, to my regret, didn’t make sufficiently clear in my Reason [Read More…]

1.5 million children stolen–guess who’s responsible?

I wouldn’t normally link to PZ because I assume you all read him anyway, but I just had an uncanny experience at his blog. I read the headline 1.5 million children stolen, and felt like I was suddenly Batman (as played by Adam West): “There’s only one organization that could have pulled off a plot [Read More…]

On Augustine

Ed Feser sent me an e-mail asking if I had written this review. I began typing a response, then realized I should really make it into a blog post. So: [Read more…]

Ed Feser on the Reason Rally

Ed Feser has a post up denouncing the Reason Rally on the grounds that it is a mass gathering and all mass gatherings are bad. Among other things, Feser wonders if there will be a “Two Minutes Hate” at the rally. I am suddenly eagerly looking forward to his denunciation of the next Catholic World [Read More…]

Give me your apologetics, your accommodationism

Exactly what it says on the tin. Trashing the same lame arguments gets boring after awhile, so give me some links to new lame arguments I can trash. Straightforward “proofs” of the truth of fundamentalist Christianity, general complaining about Gnu Atheist, ridiculous reading comprehension fails directed towards Dawkins or whoever else–post it, and I’ll try [Read More…]

Is certainty dangerous?

When I re-read Sam Harris’ The End of Faith several months ago, I noticed a passage that at the time I thought Harris could not possibly have meant, and (I thought) was probably just carelessly repeating from the more ecumenical religious writers. Here’s the passage: [Read more…]

Not So Different, part 3

Part 1, Part 2 Now I want to deal with a handful of loose ends and questions that have been raised by what I’ve said so far. First of all, in case you’re wondering, I don’t give a damn about Mitt Romney’s religious beliefs. As I said in chapter 2, most religious believers compartmentalize a [Read More…]