The sex worker terminology dilemma

On Twitter, I follow quite a few current and former sexworkers, partly as a side-effect of involvement in the kink community (e.g. I follow a couple pro dommes), partly because once I got going, I started discovering a lot of really interesting feeds. One place I have to disagree with most of them, though, is [Read More…]

Holy crap: “ex-gay” ministry apologizes and announces it is shutting down. What does this mean?

When I first heard via Hemant Mehta and Fred Clarke that the infamous “ex-gay” ministry had apologized to everyone it hurt and announced it was shutting down, I almost couldn’t belief it. What does it mean for the future of evangelicalism? [Read more…]

Craig: gay marriage is “really odd” because “homosexuals typically don’t have lasting partnerships”

Dear William Lane Craig: fuck you you fucking fuck. [Read more…]

Let’s co-opt “Heterosexual Awareness Month”

So some assholes on Facebook have declared July “Heterosexual Awareness Month”: [Read more…]

Sharia (and Old Testament) law today

In one of Hemant’s recent posts, he talks about an Economist article which mentions that no fewer than eight Muslim countries currently have the death penalty for apostasy, including Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan. This got me thinking that it might be worth putting together a comprehensive summary of which countries still have such barbaric laws in [Read More…]

On the Ugandan “kill the gays” bill and attempts to make Leviticus gay-friendly

So there’s been reports that the infamous Ugandan “kill the gays” bill might finally, horrifyingly, pass. It’s not clear what will actually happen, since the BBC report suggests only the part outlawing “promotion” of homosexuality will pass, not the actual “kill the gays” part, and Wikipedia suggests the Ugandan president may veto the bill. But [Read More…]

Traditional marriage

Via Facebook: [Read more…]