I want your comments! (open thread)

I’m a little puzzled by my blog data over the past week: traffic has been good, but I feel lonely for lack of comments. So open thread time! What’s on your mind? What do you want me to blog about? What burning questions that you’ve always been wondering about could I (or other commenters) resolve [Read More…]

Goodbye Asia!

Less than six hours to my flight. Here’s a picture of the incompletely packed sum of all my worldly possessions: [Read more…]

Issues with the ebook I put out last month

Hello everybody: when I released my first book as an ebook last month, people quickly pointed out some errors in the PDF, the biggest one being issues related to the page numbering. Fixing that one has been on my to do list, and I just got around to trying to tackle it… and noticed that [Read More…]

Arguing when you know the conversation isn’t going to be constructive

Okay, after my quick declaration that I’m not signing Dan Fincke’s “civility pledge,” let me get a little deeper into the problems I see with it. Here’s the first point of the pledge, quoted in full: [Read more…]

Returning to the US–will be available for speaking/debates

This morning, someone asked me about my travels in Asia and I realized that, holy crap, I’m going to be back in the US in less than three weeks. [Read more…]

I’m not signing Dan Fincke’s “civility pledge”

I’ve got a bunch of things on my plate to date, so this isn’t going to be the long post I’d like it to be, but here it goes anyway: I think Dan Fincke’s “civility pledge” is horribly wrong-headed, for a number of reasons, including: [Read more…]

Trigger warnings: give me input on them

This post contains a references to extreme forms of violence [Read more…]

If you want to go see Angkor Wat…

Right now I’m in Siem Reap, which is where you stay if you want to see the Angkor ruins, which most famously include Angkor Wat. I know I have at least one friend who will be coming this way soon, so I thought I’d type up some suggestions for people visiting here. [Read more…]

Yay more atheist blogs on Patheos!

Hooray! Here’s welcoming Daylight Atheism and The Secular Outpost to the Patheos Atheist Portal. All your blog are belong to us! [Read more…]