New Year’s resolutions are cliche. But I’ve read that studies have shown publicly committing to doing something makes it significantly more likely that you’ll actually do it. So I’m going to make a few non-cliche declarations that I don’t think are two unrealistic to keep: [Read more…]

Happy New Year!

I just want to say… wow. [Read more…]

Sunday links and open thread: why xkcd is awesome, needless drone killings, and more

Use the comments to discuss these stories or anything else: [Read more…]

Sunday links and open thread: debunking myths on Reddit, Mabus update, and more

Time for another Sunday links open thread. Use the comments to discuss any of these stories or anything I’ve failed to cover in the last week: [Read more…]

Sunday links: “New Atheism,” Iron Man 3, and more

Consider this an open thread to talk amongst yourselves, ask me questions, whatever. A fascinating look at how a 2003 history textbook portrayed the “War on Terror.” Russell Blackford looks at what the “New Atheists” really said in their books. Iron Man 3 looks like it’s going to be awesome. Yvain writes: “The Swerve¬†by Steven [Read More…]

Sunday link roundup and open thread

It occurred to me that my Bible tweets aren’t the only tweets I can recycle into blog posts. I also tweet a fair number of links because Twitter is great for links that don’t really deserve their own posts… and often a great way of finding such links in the first place. Here’s this week’s [Read More…]

Welcome James Croft!

James Croft has recently joined the atheism portal at Patheos! Go yea to his blog and give him a warm “hello”! His most recent post is a podcast of a radio debate he had with a Christian apologist, which looks really interesting (though I haven’t gotten to listen to it yet). [Read more…]

Readers of Patheos: give me your blog recommendations

I’m in this weird funk where I’m not quite as enthusiastic about reading my old favorite blogs as I used to be. Dunno if I’ve changed or the blogs have changed, but in any case: I want your blog recommendations. (The last time I asked my readers to recommend blogs for me to read, I [Read More…]

FREEDOM!!! (and open thread)

Okay! Now working just one job! (Background here.) Religion blogging to resume momentarily. I’m done ranting about politics fora while, I promise. For now, have an open thread. [Read more…]