More on Mormonism and Christianity

Next in the series after this post. When archaeology shows religion is wrong I haven’t even mentioned the most conclusive evidence against the truth of Mormonism. You see, the Book of Mormon—we’re talking about the most important piece of Mormon Scripture here–tells the story of a group of ancient Israelites who supposedly set sail for [Read More…]

Mormonism, Golden Plates, and Egyptian Papyri

This post is another excerpt from one of the draft chapters from my book beta-testing project. In our tolerant, multicultural age, for a lot of people it’s not just their own religion they think highly of. Instead, they carry around in their heads a short list of religions that they see as the good religions. [Read More…]

Beta testing a book: Chapter 4: This Is What Your Religion Looks Like to Me

Here’s the link to this week’s chapter of the book I’m working on, Angry Atheists?: Why the Blacklash Against Dawkins, Harris, and the Rest Is Silly. In this chapter: How to refute your religion in three easy steps Mormonism: racism, archaeology, goofy beliefs, and more! Why you should leave the Catholic church Avoiding philosophy [Read more…]

Looking for examples of Jewish groups taking offense at things Christians have said about Jews.

The this week’s chapter from the my book beta-test was intended to have a brief discussion of Christian-Jewish relations, but on re-reading what I initially wrote, I began to wonder whether my take was quite accurate, and also got worried about a lack of good examples of what I had in mind. Instead of posting [Read More…]

Is certainty dangerous?

When I re-read Sam Harris’ The End of Faith several months ago, I noticed a passage that at the time I thought Harris could not possibly have meant, and (I thought) was probably just carelessly repeating from the more ecumenical religious writers. Here’s the passage: [Read more…]

Not So Different, part 3

Part 1, Part 2 Now I want to deal with a handful of loose ends and questions that have been raised by what I’ve said so far. First of all, in case you’re wondering, I don’t give a damn about Mitt Romney’s religious beliefs. As I said in chapter 2, most religious believers compartmentalize a [Read More…]

The Mormon baptism thing

So Mormons have this thing where they get baptized on behalf of a dead non-Mormon, and that’s supposed to give that person a chance to enter heaven. A lot of people are saying this is offensive, especially Jews, but I’ve been mostly ignoring the issue because I’m inclined to think it’s just terribly silly, and [Read More…]

Not So Different, part 2

Part 1. Now all of this is been pretty abstract. So to drive the point I’ve been making home, I’m going to give you a little lesson in Mormonism 101. I decided to pick Mormonism as my main example in this chapter because of a combination of factors. On the one hand, Mormonism (also known [Read More…]

Randal Rauser doesn’t know how to speak English

Apparently, Randal Rauser doesn’t know how to speak English–how else to explain two of the most recent posts on his blog, arguing first that many people who call themselves atheists should stop because they don’t know what “atheism” is, and then that Mormons are actually atheists. Um… wow. I’m tempted to wonder whehter he’s deliberately [Read More…]