Philosopher’s Carnival March 2014

Welcome to the 161st edition of the Philosopher’s Carnival! Here are this month’s submissions… Enigman has a post on the ancient philosophical problem of vagueness. Brock Rough has a post at Aesthetics For Birds explaining why video games in art museums still aren’t art. Marcus Arvan summarizes an article he wrote proposing a new theory of free will which he [Read More…]

Paper on Plantinga and classical foundationalism

After writing my post last night on the Plantinga clique, I realized there’s one easy thing I can do for people who want something more to read debunking the Plantinga clique: post a paper I wrote in graduate school on Plantinga. Here it is (warning: it’s >6,000 words long): What’s Wrong With Strict Standards for [Read More…]

What are you going to do with that?

A friend of mine just sent me this quote (source): “I’m curious. How do you get a job like this?” The woman looks up from the papers spread across her desk, and wipes her nose with the tissue again. “Working for an arms dealer who happens to be a demon?” She shrugs. “Like I had [Read More…]

Warren Buffett’s son is almost completely wrong about charity

I first encountered this article by Warren Buffett’s son Peter Buffett in a pair of tweets by Mistress Matisse, complaining about the implication that making condoms available is a bad thing. But it wasn’t until I saw the article linked by Leiter that it registered with me just how bad the article was. I’m going [Read More…]

Review: Philosophy of Mathematics, ed. Paul Benacerraf & Hilary Putnam

A friend lending me a book on philosophy of mathematics and asking me to review it reminded me of just how much philosophers are defined by the questions they ask. [Read more…]

Russell Blackford on human enhancement

A couple weeks ago, I interviewed Australian philosopher Russell Blackford for the podcast that I’ve been trying to get started for awhile, but the recording didn’t turn out. However, I thought Russell had done a great job answering my questions, so I’m going to try to reproduce as much of the interview as possible from memory. [Read more…]

Let’s talk about violent pornography

This is a post that came out of not knowing quite what to say when a certain topic comes up on the internet. I’ve been meaning to write it for months… and perhaps not surprisingly, I’ve been struggling to figure out what to say. But here it goes. [Read more…]

Why I’m not quite a consequentialist (a reply to Scott)

Via this post, Scott Alexander has alerted me to the fact that he’s not only the author of a non-libertarian FAQ, but also the author of a consequentialist FAQ. I can’t believe I wasn’t aware of it before, but now I’m going to write a response. Let me start by saying that I agree with [Read More…]

Ethicists who matter

If I ever become a philosophy professor, there’s a good chance that at some point I will have to teach a class on ethics, because classes on ethics are in much higher demand than classes on most other areas of philosophy. And if I do that, I think I might seriously consider seeing if I [Read More…]