Could Robots Take All Our Jobs?: A Philosophical Perspective

I’ve written a new post on LessWrong that deals with a lot of the philosophical objections to AI; it’s titled, “Could Robots Take All Our Jobs? A Philosophical Perspective.” People are welcome to comment both here or over there. [Read more…]

Is there more to life than happiness?

Pleasure isn’t all we care about that. Is the same true of happiness? If religion had a positive effect on happiness, would you want to be religious? Could Paris Hilton ever be happy? [Read more…]

Is philosophy more like art than science?

A response to James Croft. Spoiler alert: I think the answer is “no.” [Read more…]

Why isn’t there more progress in philosophy?

Now that I’m done expressing my skepticism of Chalmers’ claims about progress in philosophy of mind, I want to look at the explanations he gives for why there hasn’t been more progress in philosophy. [Read more…]

Chalmers on philosophical progress, part 1.5: behaviorism

In part 1, I talked about Chalmers’ proposed kinds of philosophical progress, and expressed some skepticism about them. I was going to make the next post about the explanations Chalmers considers for why there hasn’t been more progress, but first, [Read more…]

I need to read more Derek Parfit

Brian Leiter links to a fascinating interview with Larissa MacFarquhar, who has among other things profiled philosopher Derek Parfit. I’ve become acquainted with Parfit’s ideas on personal identity through the classes I’ve taken on metaphysics as well as Chalmers’ paper on the singularity, but I confess I’ve never read any of Parfit’s books before. From [Read More…]

Chalmers on philosophical progress, part 1

In the comments on my post where I summarized the problems I see with philosophy, Alexander Johannesen very helpfully linked to a paper by David Chalmers on progress in philosophy. I hadn’t seen this paper before, so let’s have a look at it. [Read more…]

A shift of emphasis

For awhile now, I’ve been thinking that I’d like to spend less time criticizing religion, and more time working on issues related to AI and existential risk. I don’t currently have any plans of going as far as Luke Muehlhauser of Common Sense Atheism did, and abandon writing about religion entirely, but you may notice [Read More…]

A summary of the problems I see with philosophy–and why I’m thinking of going back anyway

This is a post I’ve been struggling to write for awhile. It’s a response to a couple questions I got in the March open thread, one by someone who wanted to have a “link handy when I want to show people just how crappy (analytic) philosophy is,” while the other asked, “Since you spend a [Read More…]