From the archives: Gary Gutting on convictions and scientific beliefs

The final part of my review of Gary Gutting’s book What Philosopehrs Know, originally published in December 2010. [Read more…]

If philosophers agree on anything, it’s that there are no good arguments for the existence of God

Last month, a guest post by Landon at Butterflies and Wheels listed a number of issues, which, according to the Landon, “were largely settled through the work of people who were essentially, for their respective eras, professional philosophers”: [Read more…]

Currently reading: Timeless Decision Theory

I’ve started reading Eliezer Yudkowsky’s 120 page document Timeless Decision Theory. Hopefully I’ll have something intelligent to say about it in the near future. If you want a taste of it but don’t have time for the whole think, I recommend Luke’s Decision Theory FAQ, as well as Eliezer’s post Newcomb’s Problem and Regret of [Read More…]

Would you bet your life on your philosophy of mind?: Some thoughts on uploading

The overall reaction to this thread was not quite what I was hoping for, but I’m going to press ahead with some thoughts on consciousness anyway. Specifically, I want to talk about how the problem of consciousness relates to the issue of uploading. [Read more…]

A bit of philosophy of mind: do these quotes on consciousness make sense to you?

Whenever I open a thread for people to tell me what to write about, it seems someone always brings up consciousness. In fact, that was the very first comment on yesterday’s open thread. [Read more…]

You don’t need a philosophy

Back in early January, Leah Libresco offered a challenge to James Croft: [Read more…]

Non-philosophers: tell me how you view philosophy

Since I’m toying with the idea of giving talks to atheist/skeptic groups on philosophy, I feel like I should get a better sense of where my hypothetical audience would likely be coming from. So: how do you view philosophy? What do you hope for from the philosophers in the atheist and skeptic movements? What questions [Read More…]

How about “faithful reading” as an alternative to the charitable vs. uncharitable dichotomy?

I’ve written before about being unsatisfied with the charitable vs. uncharitable dichotomy, and recent discussion of Dan Fincke’s “civility pledge” (see for example Russell Blackford here) has me thinking more about it. I explained my basic issue with “civility” in this post: [Read more…]

From the archives: What’s Wrong with Sam Harris’ The Moral Lanscape (review)

Reposted from January 2011, because it may be relevant to an upcoming post… [Read more…]