Why I’m cool with what happened to Brendan Eich

So: it came out that Brendan Eich, who had been CTO of the Mozilla Corporation (the folks behind the Firefox web browser) had donated $1,000 to support California’s Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in the state. This roughly coincided with Eich’s promotion to CEO, and provoked an outcry, with outsiders talking about a boycott [Read More…]

Leah Libresco: social conservatives are becoming irrelevant

Atheist-turned-Catholic blogger Leah Libresco has a new gig working for the American Conservative magazine, and she’s produced some fascinating reporting on the 2014 CPAC convention, including a piece titled “Social Cons in Retreat at CPAC” It might be a tradition that every year that GOProud is excluded as a CPAC sponsor, there will be a [Read More…]

When libertarians make me want to go full Social Justice Warrior

Usually, I dislike knee-jerk liberal demonization of libertarians. On stereotypical areas of liberal-libertarian convergence, many libertarian writers do great work. Such issues are sometimes labeled social issues, but that gives an overly-narrow impression of the range of issues we’re talking about here. On issues ranging from war to civil liberties to criminal justice to sex [Read More…]

What America needs now is a constitutional monarch

In the category of viewpoint changes I never expected to have… a couple months ago, when the whole royal baby thing was in the news, I read a surprisingly convincing case that constitutional monarchy is a great form of government. About the same time, Gwern convinced my the American revolution was a bad idea. And [Read More…]

Bertrand Russell wrote great prose, predicted Cold War and America’s victory in it

I’ve moved around a lot, and it’s made me a big fan of ebooks. These days, I’ve been going very strongly towards getting rid of any physical book I can replace with an e-copy, for the sake convenience when I’m traveling/moving. But one exception I’ve made is for a lesser-known anthology of Bertrand Russell’s writings, [Read More…]

More on the Zimmerman/Martin case

Two of the best articles I’ve read on the George Zimmerman verdict, which I blogged about Sunday, are by Will Wilkinson and Popehat’s Ken White. Wilkinson’s conclusion: In Texas you can get away with shooting someone to death if they’re running away with your property. That’s insane, and it’s easy to see how a law [Read More…]

Beware outrage at a “not guilty” verdict

When I first heard about the case of George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin, I had the standard outraged liberal reaction, then I had some doubts, then I largely forgot about the whole thing. But I was profoundly disturbed by much of the reaction I saw to Zimmerman’s acquittal on Twitter and Facebook last night, [Read More…]

Everyone in America should fail to learn a foreign language

Everyone talks about the benefits of learning a foreign language. But in my experience, the benefits are greatly overrated. What most Americans would really benefit from is failing to learn a foreign language. [Read more…]

Do 29 percent of Americans really think an armed revolution might be necessary in the next few years?

Brian Lieter links to the following story, concluding “Large numbers of Americans are completely nuts”: Supporters and opponents of gun control have very different fundamental beliefs about the role of guns in American society. Overall, the poll finds that 29 percent of Americans think that an armed revolution in order to protect liberties might be [Read More…]