I called my lawmakers to oppose CISPA, and you should too (updated and redated)

I haven’t done it, but only because I’d be paying for international long-distance. I did, however, send them an e-mail. UPDATE 2: I remembered that I have Skype, which is cheap even for long distance, so I went ahead and called all three. Calling will have a bigger impact than e-mailing, because so few people [Read More…]

The right to say vile things

Since Taner Edis asked, I want to say that yes, I’m appalled by the Tarek Mehanna case, where a man is facing 17 years in prison for expressing sympathy with Al Qaeda and translating some Al Qaeda documents into English. Andrew Sullivan has linked to the following defense of the prosecution, which relies on citing [Read More…]

“Would you want your daughter to be a prostitute?”

Corry Doctorow links to a defense of legalizing prostitution that, among other things, addresses the “Would you want your daughter to be a prostitute?” question: [Read more…]

Your daily dose of cynicism

I promised a positive post today, and it’s coming, but today I had another “Glenn Greenwald actually managed to shock me today” moment (previous example here). Here is the lead sentence of a Washington Post article: [Read more…]

Can legally knowledgeable people explain the Zimmerman case to me?

I initially gave a small cheer inside when I heard that George Zimmerman (the man who shot Trayvon Martin) had been arrested. But after reading this piece by Radley Balko I’m having second thoughts. Balko quotes a number of legal bloggers saying that, whatever else you might say about the case, the affidavit of probable [Read More…]

Kuwait is considering instituting the death penalty for blasphemy

Reuters: Kuwaiti lawmakers voted in favour of a legal amendment on Thursday which could make insulting God and the Prophet Mohammad punishable by death, after a case of suspected blasphemy on Twitter caused an uproar in the Gulf Arab state. [Read more…]

I’m a citizen of a state sponsor of terrorism

You know… I’ve stopped reading Glenn Greenwald as much these days. He’s still in my Google Reader, but most of the time I glance at the title, maybe the first paragraph, file it under “not news” and move on. I’ve been reading him for that long, and gotten that cynical. In spite of that, this [Read More…]

Way to go Daniel Fincke!

On Sunday (in a not-April-Fool’s post) Daniel Fincke posted a long defense of Richard Dawkins’ Reason Rally speech. In a comment thread at RichardDawkins.net, Dawkins commented to say, “I am extremely pleased by Daniel Fincke’s article, which says exactly what I SHOULD have said and, to my regret, didn’t make sufficiently clear in my Reason [Read More…]

Five books for a high-school dropout?

Here’s an interesting question a friend of mine posted to Facebook: If you could only choose five books to give to a high school drop-out to get them through the rest of their life, what books would they be and why? [Read more…]