Israel: state sponsor of terrorism

I promise to resist any urges to link to every good post Glenn Greenwald writes, because pretty much everything he writes is good, but I think he buried the lede on this post. Here’s what really stands out: [Read more…]

One more round on Catholics and contraception

Matt Yglesias finds a way to make, more eloquently, one of the points I made in my own post on the subject: [Read more…]

Why must government policy be justified by market failure?

Robin Hanson writes: [Read more…]

Empirical poltics, also abortion

I’m always baffled by how ready many people are to declare anything and everything “not an empirical issue,” without any kind of argument, as if it were just obvious what things are not empirical issues. It’s one thing to say that about, say, ethics, but I have no idea why anyone thinks that’s a sensible [Read More…]

Let’s have another thread on the Catholics

After seeing Monday’s thread on Catholic leaders vs. Obama regarding birth control blow up, I’m figuring what the hell, let’s have another thread on that. (Yes, it mainly blew up because of one very persistent Catholic commenter. Whatever.) So: Dan did a great blog post on this titled “Religious Privilege and Grievance-Based Catholic Identity Politics [Read More…]

Religion deserves no special treatment under US law

So a bunch of Catholic leaders are complaining about how allegedly unjust it is to require insurance plans provided by large employers to include contraception. They think Catholic organizations should get an exemption based on their religious convictions, you see. Dan Fincke currently has parts one and two up of a debate with a friend [Read More…]

Say to hell with campaign finance laws, publicly fund campaigns?

This is very much going to be a thinking-out-loud post, one where if you tell me it’s an idiotic post there’s a very good chance I’ll end up agreeing with you. A couple days ago, Ed wrote: [Read more…]

Playing Pac Man on a voting machine

I think this is just hilarious. Hooray for universal Turing machines!: [Read more…]

This is how fundamentalism ends: not with a bang, but with Rick Santorum pretending to have gay friends

Vjack of Atheist revolution argues we should be careful about saying Christian fundamentalism is on the decline: [Read more…]