How intelligible is intelligence?

This is important, because if all we need to make human-level AI is a relatively small number of key insights, the development of human-level AI might come seemingly out of nowhere. On the other hand, if it’s going to take a slow grind of R&D, we’re likely to get more of a warning. There are also potential implications for the impact of AI and what we can do to manage it. So how intelligible is intelligence? [Read more…]

Pain and utopia

In which Grumpy Cat imagines a world without pain [Read more…]

How long before Google Glass (and imitators) are as ubiquitous as smartphones?

When I was in college, I tried (not very successfully) to write a science-fiction story that, I hoped, would be the most plausible extrapolation of current trends I could come up with. Among other things, I imagined that people would have near-constant internet [Read more…]

What should skeptics believe about the singularity?

This is a guest post from Luke Muehlhauser, author of Common Sense Atheism and Worldview Naturalism, and Executive Director of MIRI. [Read more…]

Review: Luke Muehlhauser’s Facing the Intelligence Explosion

I just finished reading the current version of Luke Muehlhauser’s website/ebook Facing the Intelligence Explosion. I have a handful of minor complaints (for example), and there was one thing that kinda made me want to scream (which I’ll talk about in a future post), but on the whole, Luke makes a lot of important points [Read More…]

Will Moore’s law fail us?

As a follow up to my “Fifty year intervals” post: will changes in computing technology in the next fifty years really be as radical–or even more radical–than the “punch cards to smartphones and Google’s entire product line” transition of the past fifty years? [Read more…]

The future is a long time

A conversation I meant to blog about a couple months ago, but forgot about until now: [Read more…]

Fifty year intervals

I’m 25 right now. According to current US life expectancies, that means I’ve got 50 years left. I expect I’ll get more than that, thanks to improving health care and looking after my health at least a bit better than the average USian, but 50 is a nice round number to set to thinking with. [Read more…]

Is milk bad for you?

I’ve long heard vegans trumpet alleged links between milk and prostate cancer as a way of discouraging people from drinking milk. My reaction to that has tended to be that, prima facie, vegans have a point about the ethics of milk (or at least how we currently produce it), but it’s probably just wishful thinking [Read More…]