The walkout on Dan Savage and “ignoring” vs. “interpreting” the Bible

So Dan Savage gave a talk at a high school journalism convention where he said “We can learn to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about gay people, the same way we have learned to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about shellfish, about slavery, about dinner, about farming, about menstration, about virginity, about masturbation… [Read More…]

Beta testing a book: The one book that will convince you Christianity is false

As promised, I’m not making publicly available the draft of the Introduction to the book I’m working on. Subtitle, “The one book that will convince you Christianity is false. Here’s the summary: [Read more…]

Dear Richard, please admit you screwed up with your review of Bart Ehrman’s latest book

So… before I get into the meat of this post, I want to say that for a long time, I was quite eager to read Richard Carrier’s books on the historicity of Jesus (actually I’ve just ordered the first one; the second one isn’t out yet). I hadn’t been impressed with most of the “mythicist” [Read More…]

On Carrier on Ehrman’s HuffPo piece

I’m not sure what to make of Richard Carrier’s rebuttals to Bart Ehrman on the existence of Jesus (both the reply to Ehrman’s HuffPo article last month, and the review of Ehrman’s book itself). If you cut out about half of what Carrier has written, the remaining half would look like a pretty damning critique [Read More…]

Bizarre flap between Bart Ehrman and Robert M. Price

So in the comments yesterday, Steven Carr repeated a claim from Robert M. Price in this episode of Price’s podcast that Ehrman doesn’t read the books he criticizes, he has graduate students do it for him. Then Zak pointed me towards Ehrman’s responses here and here. Here’s Ehrman’s first response: [Read more…]

From the archives: William Lane Craig tries to equivocate, ends up just plain lying

In yesterday’s post on Sam Harris and free will, I mentioned William Lane Craig’s lies. This post, from November of last year, was my “I’m fed up with being nice about this subject” post. It gives specific examples of lies Craig has told about Stephen Law and Dale Allison. One of the many entertaining historical [Read More…]

Dale Allison quote on the apocalyptic Jesus

I managed to dig up a quote from biblical scholar Dale Allison’s book Resurrecting Jesus that strikes me as highly relevant to last week’s discussion of Bart Ehrman’s book: [Read more…]

Questions for Bart Ehrman/Ehrman sort-of defends Christianity

So in my previous post I mentioned that Bart Ehrman’s view, which I share, is that Jesus’ earliest followers didn’t think he was God, and on top of that Jesus was an apocalyptic preacher who went around saying that God was going to establish a literal Kingdom of Heaven on earth very soon. Since Jesus [Read More…]

From the archives: Bart Ehrman’s misleading piece on the history of Christian Fundamentalism

Haven’t done a “From the archives” post yet this week, and I realized I needed to link this post while writing a separate post I’m working on, which will appear shortly. [Read more…]