Introducing: Bible verse of the day, on Twitter

I’ve finally come up with a reason for people to follow me on Twitter: now through the foreseeable future, I’ll be tweeting one Bible verse per day. I’ll be using the Skeptics Annotated Bible for ideas on things to tweet. Major props to Steve Wells, creator of the Skeptics Annotated Bible, for creating that site. [Read More…]

Seeing the stupid

Once upon a time, I tried to learn to play poker. I never learned to play very well, but I did learn some other interesting things along the way. For one thing, David Sklansky’s books have a lot of game theory. But on a more practical level, one of the books I read had a [Read More…]

What are AIs doing right now?

Though Luke and the LessWrong crew in general, I’ve recently gotten interested in in the future of AI. This has spilled over into  an interest in what (weak) AIs are doing right now, which is why I want to highlight this fascinating story (and hilarious; via Cory Doctorow): [Read more…]

Seriously, what is the point of Twitter?

Here’s a claim from Matt Yglesias that I’m totally unable to make sense of: Western alphabets were ideally suited to the age of traditional industrial age printing—they make it easier to learn literacy skills and they’re great for typesetting. But in the coming era where everything is a Tweet or a Facebook status update, our [Read More…]

Dear Coke Talk: the best atheist blog you’ve never heard of

It doesn’t much resemble the blogs here at FTB, but Dear Coke Talk is still a totally awesome blog written by an atheist who frequently has great things to say about religion. Here’s an example from earlier this week: [Read more…]