Early tomorrow morning, I fly to San Francisco for App Academy. I’m excited about the opportunity, but expect to have approximately zero time for anything else. Thus, I’m declaring myself officially on hiatus for the next three months. That said, watch this space for two things: Kris Komarnitsky tells me a second edition of his [Read More...]

Follow me on Twitter

To anyone who’s still checking this blog in spite of my reduced posting frequency, I’d like to encourage you to follow me on Twitter (@UncredibleHallq). I tweet more or less daily, and for those of you who don’t like Twitter, yeah I didn’t get Twitter at first either but try it for awhile, you’ll like [Read More...]

My blogging on LessWrong

I just put up a long post at LessWrong that I hope will interest readers of this blog. Since I hope to be doing quite a bit of that over the next month, I figured it would be worth making a post that I’d periodically update to list all my major contributions to LessWrong. The [Read More...]

What’s the deal with the Beloved Disciple in the Gospel of John?

Recently, I picked up Richard Bauckham’s book Jesus and the Eyewitnesses, a book I’ve seen heavily touted recently by some Christian apologists. Part of my reason for picking it up was just because I had trouble telling, from the apologists’ description, what exactly Bauckham was arguing. It turns out that much of the book devoted [Read More...]

Programming note

I was camping over Labor Day weekend, and then got home to a rather stressful situation involving my plans to move out of my apartment. Nothing for any readers to worry about, except it threw a wrench in my plans to get a few blog posts out before getting back from camping. Expect a few [Read More...]

Atheism Wins: The Rise of Popular Atheism and How Religion Lost the Argument


When I began writing this book in earnest roughly two years ago, I had already been blogging about religion for more than six years. I’d been following the debates even longer than that; I can trace my interest in them back to reading Thomas V. Morris’ Philosophy for Dummies when I was in middle school. [Read More...]

Trying to get back into blogging more / open thread

Hey everybody, lately I’ve been busy getting ready to go to App Academy in San Francisco in November, and generally not finding much energy for blogging. But I still have a TON of posts I want to write, some about religion, quite a few about AI-related issues, and at least one about superheros. I’m going [Read More...]

William Lane Craig puff piece in the Chronicle of Higher Ed

Dan Fincke alerted me to an article on William Lane Craig in the Chronicle of Higher Ed. It begins thus: When, during a conversation in a swank hotel lobby in Manhattan, I mentioned to Richard Dawkins that I was working on a story about William Lane Craig, the muscles in his face clenched. “Why are [Read More...]

Open thread

I haven’t done an open thread in awhile. I was meaning to get out a full post today, but of the several ideas I’ve got in my head right now, I don’t know what people would most be interested in. I could continue my series on the ignorance and dishonesty of Christian apologetics, talking about [Read More...]