My looong review of William Lane Craig’s book Reasonable Faith

It’s in my “Links to my stuff” tab, but probably most of you haven’t checked that, so here’s the link. It’s long, like 20,000 words, but it covers a lot of things I don’t often talk about here, including¬†some really crappy arguments for the claim that life is absurd without God, Kalam,¬†various philosophical arguments against [Read More…]

Overexplaining William Lane Craig

JJ Lowder has a post up at the Secular Outpost that starts off with a nice explanation of how Craig misunderstands the idea that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. But then he begins wondering what could have caused this misunderstanding, and proposes some things that strike me as overly complex. The much simpler explanation is [Read More…]

From the archives: Philosophy is dysfunctional

Given all my occasional sniping about academic philosophy, I can’t believe I haven’t yet moved over this post, originally written in July of last year. There was also a follow-up post, which I’ll also move over at some point. It’s relevant to rebutting religious apologetics, insofar as it is frequently claimed that philosophy vindicates religion. [Read More…]

Volunteer representing William Lane Craig denies reason leads to atheism

After my “William Lane Craig says reason leads to atheism” post, it’s only fair that I post the e-mail commenter Annatar got when they e-mailed Craig’s website about the quote: [Read more…]

What I want as an atheist

I’m slowly cleaning out my list of “things I’m meaning to respond to” from when I was sick. One of them was a post by Andrew Sullivan titled “What Do Atheists Want?”, which links to and quotes from this longer post by Anthony Pinn at Religion Dispatches. Here’s the part Sullivan highlighted: [Read more…]

William Lane Craig says reason leads to atheism

I found this discussion thread from another site because someone linked to me, and through it found an article by William Lane Craig I hadn’t read before, with a stunning quote: [Read more…]

From the archives: William Lane Craig tries to equivocate, ends up just plain lying

In yesterday’s post on Sam Harris and free will, I mentioned William Lane Craig’s lies. This post, from November of last year, was my “I’m fed up with being nice about this subject” post. It gives specific examples of lies Craig has told about Stephen Law and Dale Allison. One of the many entertaining historical [Read More…]

From the archives: Is studying philosophy beneficial?

This is another post that generated a long discussion when I first posted it in July 2011. It’s also one I’m likely to refer back to in the future, so I really should give you all a chance to discuss it. From xkcd: Guy: I used to think correlation implied causation. Then I took a [Read More…]

Give me your apologetics, your accommodationism

Exactly what it says on the tin. Trashing the same lame arguments gets boring after awhile, so give me some links to new lame arguments I can trash. Straightforward “proofs” of the truth of fundamentalist Christianity, general complaining about Gnu Atheist, ridiculous reading comprehension fails directed towards Dawkins or whoever else–post it, and I’ll try [Read More…]