Dirty thoughts involving asprin

So a week ago, Foster Friess, the guy behind Rick Santorum’s Super PAC, claimed that back in his day women would just keep an aspirin between their legs as birth control. This made a lot of people mad, but my favorite comment about this is was the tweet that said, “If you can’t figure out [Read More…]

The under-rated “famous violinist” defense of abortion

The view taken by the Catholic Church, and other anti-abortion extremists, that a single fertilized human egg cell is a person, has always struck me as bizarre. Well, since I was old enough to think about the issue anyway. And I’ve realized for just as long that there isn’t going to be a magic moment [Read More…]

Randal Rauser doesn’t know how to speak English

Apparently, Randal Rauser doesn’t know how to speak English–how else to explain two of the most recent posts on his blog, arguing first that many people who call themselves atheists should stop because they don’t know what “atheism” is, and then that Mormons are actually atheists. Um… wow. I’m tempted to wonder whehter he’s deliberately [Read More…]

Diversity, also “[adjective] bloggers”

I’m not properly settled in to my new country by any means, but I found a relatively cheap internet cafe and Natalie has a post titled “Thoughts From A Diversity Hire” which I want to comment on, so briefly: [Read more…]

Brief blog break and a couple requests

I’m about to run off for one last weekend with friends in another city before flying off to Korea. Therefore I’ll be taking a brief blog break from now until whenever I get sufficiently un-jet lagged/settled enough to actually have spare time. Probably sometime next week. Until then, a couple things. [Read more…]

Insofar as the Catholic Church is harmless, it’s because nobody takes it seriously

Last week, Freethought Blogs picked up a new member, Libby Anne. She grew up in the Quiverfull movement, and her first couple of posts gave me a new perspective on the Catholics and contraception shitstorm. First, from her introductory post: [Read more…]

Open letter to John W. Loftus

Update: For those of you who are reading this long after the fact, John has since apologized for some of his comments. Hi John, You’ve done some great stuff for the atheist movement. When I first reviewed your book (years and years ago, when I was still on blogspot and you were still self-publishing), I [Read More…]

Most religious conservatives aren’t theocrats

Bill Vallicella thinks the Obama administration’s decision to require employer provided health insurance to include contraception is an example of how “The Left is totalitarian by its very nature.” That is, of course, completely insane. But when I read it, it made me pause and consider how liberals must sound to conservatives when they accuse [Read More…]

The fine-tuning argument and the simulation argument

Probably the worst feature of the “fine-tuning argument” (mentioned last week) is that it’s always presented as an argument for the existence of God, which it plainly isn’t. It’s just an argument for some kind of designer or other. And “some kind of designer or other” might not be anything at all like God as [Read More…]