Many Christians still think Africans are descended from Noah’s evil son Ham

Libby Anne has a post titled “Is Creationism Racist?” which I don’t really have anything to add to, except that I think she buries the lede: [Read more…]

The evidence for evolution

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From the archives: Review of Finding Darwin’s God

I’ve spent the day suffering from writers block over what to say about evolution in the book. I went poking through my own blog archives and discovered a review of Kenneth Miller’s Finding Darwin’s God, originally published in September 2009. To my surprise, I apparently liked it. I’ll need to reread it, or at least parts of [Read More…]

On completely misunderstanding the threat of superhuman AI

I have this bad habit where I’ll see an article that looks interesting and think, “ooh, I’d better save that and read it when I have time to really think about it and write some thoughtful comments on it.” Then a week to two months later, I finally read it and realize it’s crap and [Read More…]

Flawed NYT article on science & sex differences

Last weekend there was an NYT opinion piece titled, “Darwin Was Wrong About Dating” which got linked a bunch of places including by Libby Anne and at LessWrong. I finally got around to reading it, and it was definitely… disappointing (see here for my previous comments on the subject). [Read more…]

Neuroscience and the soul

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The problem with asking science to be religion-friendly

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The scientific study of prayer

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Korean kindergartners say the darnedest things

A friend of mine just posted this on Facebook: [Read more…]