From the archives: Why so serious? Notes on the rise of seriousporn, with reflection on the human condition

I haven’t done a “From the archives” post in awhile, but decided to re-post this one (from March 2009) after seeing the movie poster for next year’s Star Trek movie–which is not only making an unsubtle attempt to announce itself as darker and edgier with the title “Into Darkness,” but also blatantly rips off The Dark Knight [Read More...]

[Correction: BRITISH] Boy Scouts may welcome atheists

I’ve written before about my experience of realizing I was an atheist while in the middle of earning Eagle rank in Boy Scouts. But now, it looks like the Boy Scouts may start welcoming atheists: [Read more...]

Rebecca Watson’s awful Skepticon 5 talk on evolutionary psychology

When I first heard about Rebecca Watson’s Skepticon 5 talk from James Croft, I was a bit skeptical. Now the video for the talk is available, and yeah, it’s pretty bad: [Read more...]

How to win an argument with God

not omnipotent

I found the top half of this image on Facebook, and added my response at the end: [Read more...]

Sunday links and open thread: why xkcd is awesome, needless drone killings, and more

Use the comments to discuss these stories or anything else: [Read more...]

Cambridge’s new existential risk project, and other killer robot news

This past week seems to have been a really good week for the popular media noticing the very important coming threat of killer robots. This is in large part due to a bunch of media outlets noticing Cambridge’s Centre for the Study of Existential Risk–the notice on its website is dated April 2012, but a [Read More...]

Beta testing a book: Chapter 3: Why religious ideas are fair game

Yay for a very productive week! I now have a substantially revised version of chapter three of the book. It’s titled Why religious ideas are fair game. “In this chapter” and other notes below the fold: [Read more...]

Let Us All Unite! Charlie Chaplin’s “Great Dictator” speech autotuned

This is just made of awesome: [Read more...]

Where did Christopher Hitchens say he doesn’t want to get rid of religion, because he likes arguing with believers too much?

I seem to be on a roll as far as getting work done on the book this week. Yesterday, I got a cleaned-up version of chapter 2 up, and I’m most of the way done with a revised version of chapter 3. One minor thing I’m stuck on: where did Christopher Hitchens say he doesn’t [Read More...]