Is Peter van Inwagen a conspiracy wingnut?

Well no, he isn’t. I ask only as a counterpoint to a Randal Rauser post from a few months ago titled “Is Daniel Dennet a conspiracy wingnut?” Rauser accused Dennett of being a “conspiracy theorist” for saying: [Read more…]

The game theory of political posturing

Over the weekend, Ed had a post titled “Obama Still Going Both Ways on Equality.” After I got done going, “heh, heh, going both ways,” this part stuck out: [Read more…]

Israel: state sponsor of terrorism

I promise to resist any urges to link to every good post Glenn Greenwald writes, because pretty much everything he writes is good, but I think he buried the lede on this post. Here’s what really stands out: [Read more…]

Did William Lane Craig plagiarize part of his master’s thesis? (probably)

I had been vaguely aware of this issue before, but after a reader contacted me about it, I did some searching and I have to say the accusations look credible. Here is the best summary I’ve found. Here is a quotation supposedly from Craig’s thesis: [Read more…]

A picture’s worth a thousand words

I wasn’t totally happy with my original profile pic for this site. Then I changed it, and I’m still not totally happy. Then I had a brilliant idea (by which I mean “an idea I need feedback on”): [Read more…]

Generation Kill on words vs. actions

I’ve lately been watching the excellent HBO miniseries Generation Kill, and this quote from the end credits of part 6 struck me as worth passing along (cut and pasted from this transcript): [Read more…]

One more round on Catholics and contraception

Matt Yglesias finds a way to make, more eloquently, one of the points I made in my own post on the subject: [Read more…]

Why must government policy be justified by market failure?

Robin Hanson writes: [Read more…]

No really?

I just checked the comments, and saw one that was obviously spam, and marked it as such before even looking at the “author’s” name. Then WordPress gave me this message: Comment by long porn videos marked as spam. Really? You think? [Read more…]