Bertrand Russell wrote great prose, predicted Cold War and America’s victory in it

I’ve moved around a lot, and it’s made me a big fan of ebooks. These days, I’ve been going very strongly towards getting rid of any physical book I can replace with an e-copy, for the sake convenience when I’m traveling/moving. But one exception I’ve made is for a lesser-known anthology of Bertrand Russell’s writings, [Read More…]

Why “faitheist” Chris Stedman is so obnoxious

I said I wasn’t going to say any more about Chris Stedman, but Hemant recently posted an exclusive excerpt with an intro that I feel needs a response: [Read more…]

Popular atheism

The following is an excerpt from my book in progress. My next point is one I have to address because I need a better way to talk about Dawkins, Harris, and the rest than by calling them, “Dawkins, Harris, and the rest.” What’s important about them, beyond their atheism? [Read more…]