Thoughts on religion after a year in Asia: separating “religion” from “Abrahamic monotheism”

I have now spent a year of my life in Asia. I have seen the world’s largest solid-gold Buddha statue (so shinny, I failed to take a glare-free picture of it!): [Read more…]

I need to read more Derek Parfit

Brian Leiter links to a fascinating interview with Larissa MacFarquhar, who has among other things profiled philosopher Derek Parfit. I’ve become acquainted with Parfit’s ideas on personal identity through the classes I’ve taken on metaphysics as well as Chalmers’ paper on the singularity, but I confess I’ve never read any of Parfit’s books before. From [Read More…]

Philosophy of religion without apologetics?

Recently, in an exercise in thinking about things that are way too far off in the future to be really thinking about, I wondered: “If I do eventually get a Ph.D. in philosophy, and end up on the philosophy job market, will I list philosophy of religion as an AoC?” (AoC stands for Area of [Read More…]

Religion and prostitution in South Korea

Last year, while I was still teaching at a public middle school in South Korea, Russell Blackford asked me a question in e-mail about religion in South Korea. [Read more…]

Serving up some cynicism about Buddhism

I’m deep enough in to the atheist whateversphere that I know minutia about how a fair number of prominent atheists have occasionally criticized Buddhism. I’ve written up a summary of the details here, and I suspect those criticisms are mostly correct. But thinking that didn’t prepare me for an experience I had the other day. [Read more…]