Stedman’s line about “singling out the religious lives of others”

There are just a couple points I want to address in this response to Zach Alexander’s review of Faitheist (which I’ve already commented on). First, Vlad suggests that I read Zach’s review in place of reading the book, which isn’t true. I had already tentatively decided not to read it based on the excerpts, because it felt [Read More…]

Zach Alexander’s review of Faitheist

On Twitter, I mentioned that this review by Zach Alexander of Chris Stedman’s book Faitheist “has me thoroughly convinced not to read it.” Zach tweeted back asking, “did you at least agree with the more positive sections?” and I’ve decided to go ahead and give a blogpost-length reply. [Read more…]

Why “faitheist” Chris Stedman is so obnoxious

I said I wasn’t going to say any more about Chris Stedman, but Hemant recently posted an exclusive excerpt with an intro that I feel needs a response: [Read more…]