Doug Krueger on Craig’s “PhDs only” rule

Doug Krueger, who’s been offering to debate Craig for years, showed up in the comments on my post on William Lane Craig’s refusal to debate Jeff Lowder to offer up some additional tidbits: [Read more…]

The hypocrisy of William Lane Craig’s refusal to debate Jeffery Jay Lowder

Jeff Lowder sent me an e-mail asking me to comment on William Lane Craig’s “apparent hypocrisy” (Jeff’s words) in refusing to do a debate with him. Jeff included a link to a post on this he put up last July, which has some interesting tidbits: [Read more…]

Comments on the Craig-Rosenberg debate, part 2: the so-called “logical argument from evil”

I’m going to dedicate most of this post to Rosenberg’s opening statement, but first let me say “here here” to something from Jason Rosenhouse’s comments on the debate: [Read more…]

Returning to the US–will be available for speaking/debates

This morning, someone asked me about my travels in Asia and I realized that, holy crap, I’m going to be back in the US in less than three weeks. [Read more…]

Does Craig’s hypocrisy know no bounds? (the Craig-Rosenberg debate)

I was going to make my next post on the Craig-Rosenberg debate about the problem of evil, but then I listened to what Craig had to say about the problem of evil in his first rebuttal, and wow: [Read more…]

Comments on the Craig-Rosenberg debate, part 1

So far I’ve only listened to the opening statements from William Lane Craig’s recent debate with Alex Rosenberg (audio here). In this post, I’m only going to comment on the Craig’s opening statement, along with the “Gish Gallop” issue. [Read more…]

On the Gish Gallop and related matters: a reply to Jeffery Jay Lowder

In a comment in a thread on the Craig-Rosenberg debate, Jeffery Jay Lowder writes: [Read more…]

Will Craig’s defenders also defend Duane Gish? (with comments on two of Craig’s debates)

In the aftermath of the Craig-Rosenberg debate, this post seems to be getting a lot of attention. Many of the Christians showing up to comment on that post seem unable to wrap their heads around the idea that “winning” debates might often involve rather sleazy tactics. [Read more…]

A challenge for William Lane Craig’s defenders

This post is sort-of repeating the point I made here, but I got thinking about it again reading some of the Christian responses to this post. Many Christian defenders of William Lane Craig seem unable to wrap their heads around the idea that Craig might “win” (an ambiguous word that I prefer to avoid) his [Read More…]