Evo psych links

When I did my last open thread, someone asked for more on evolutionary psychology. I have at least one idea for a post I may write on the subject in the future when I have time, but for now, let me direct you to a couple really good evo psych links I’ve found recently. [Read more…]

Why human sacrifice?

Several years ago, I read an interesting submission to Edge.org’s yearly “Question Center” by archaeologist Timothy Taylor, talking about how studying the Incans led him away from cultural relativism (the permalink doesn’t go straight to the individual submission, you’ll have to scroll or Ctrl+F your way down): [Read more…]

Flawed NYT article on science & sex differences

Last weekend there was an NYT opinion piece titled, “Darwin Was Wrong About Dating” which got linked a bunch of places including by Libby Anne and at LessWrong. I finally got around to reading it, and it was definitely… disappointing (see here for my previous comments on the subject). [Read more…]

The substantive issue in the evolutionary psychology debate: innate difference between men and women

Well, not the only substantive issue, but possibly the main one raised by Rebecca Watson’s Skepticon 5 talk. Ed Clint’s post actually did a good job of concisely summarizing the issue, but it’s to paragraphs in a long post so let me pull them out: [Read more…]

More on Watson’s talk and evolutionary psychology

In just the past two days, Rebecca Watson’s Skepticon 5 talk and Ed Clint’s critique (and to a lesser extent my post) have generated a lot of online discussion. In no particular order: John Wilkins has weighed in here and also tweeted this post; both strike me as worth reading (which isn’t to say I agree with [Read More…]

Rebecca Watson’s awful Skepticon 5 talk on evolutionary psychology

When I first heard about Rebecca Watson’s Skepticon 5 talk from James Croft, I was a bit skeptical. Now the video for the talk is available, and yeah, it’s pretty bad: [Read more…]