Bertrand Russell wrote great prose, predicted Cold War and America’s victory in it

I’ve moved around a lot, and it’s made me a big fan of ebooks. These days, I’ve been going very strongly towards getting rid of any physical book I can replace with an e-copy, for the sake convenience when I’m traveling/moving. But one exception I’ve made is for a lesser-known anthology of Bertrand Russell’s writings, [Read More…]

Review: Luke Muehlhauser’s Facing the Intelligence Explosion

I just finished reading the current version of Luke Muehlhauser’s website/ebook Facing the Intelligence Explosion. I have a handful of minor complaints (for example), and there was one thing that kinda made me want to scream (which I’ll talk about in a future post), but on the whole, Luke makes a lot of important points [Read More…]

The future is a long time

A conversation I meant to blog about a couple months ago, but forgot about until now: [Read more…]

Fifty year intervals

I’m 25 right now. According to current US life expectancies, that means I’ve got 50 years left. I expect I’ll get more than that, thanks to improving health care and looking after my health at least a bit better than the average USian, but 50 is a nice round number to set to thinking with. [Read more…]

The (technological) revolution will not be televised

Last week, Randal Rauser posted a 1956 ad for long-distance phone service: [Read more…]

Forever 35? Thoughts on a society of immortals

One of the challenges of writing speculative fiction (science fiction or fantasy) is that often, your characters are really fucking old and it can be hard to know what to do with that. [Read more…]

Paul Krugman on AI

Some interesting thoughts I did not expect to see in a Paul Krugman column: [Read more…]

In a non-futurismic world, human-level AI changes everything forever

I just finished reading Cory Doctorow’s excellent essay collection Content, which included one essay that introduced me to a term I’d never heard before: “futurismic” (Doctorow talks as if the word was coined by someone else, though he doesn’t say who, and he seems to be the top search result using the word in his sense): [Read more…]

Richard Carrier and Luke Muehlhauser on time to superhuman AI

A few weeks ago my new boss, Luke Muehlhauser, did an AMA on Reddit. I highly recommend this post by Geek Dad for a full summary, but one thing that stuck out is when Luke said, “I have a pretty wide probability distribution over the year for the first creation of superhuman AI, with a [Read More…]