What does the Bible say about sex? Less than you probably think

I wouldn’t deny for a moment that the Bible says some messed-up things about sex, including that men who have sex with men should be killed, and that if you even look at a woman the wrong way, it’s as bad as committing adultery. But I think many people would be surprised by what the [Read More…]

On Passover, the charge of antisemitism, and Martin Luther

A couple months ago, I shared the following picture on Facebook: [Read more…]

Philosopher Joseph Levine on why he’s not a cultural Jew

One of my favorite essays from Louise Antony’s Philosophers Without Gods anthology was Joseph Levine’s “From Yeshiva Bochur to Secular Humanist.” Levine offers a fascinating account of his life as someone who was raised within Orthodox (he says “fundamentalist” would be quite accurate) Judaism. But what most stuck with me was his explanation of why [Read More…]