Everyone in America should fail to learn a foreign language

Everyone talks about the benefits of learning a foreign language. But in my experience, the benefits are greatly overrated. What most Americans would really benefit from is failing to learn a foreign language. [Read more…]

Korean kindergartners say the darnedest things

A friend of mine just posted this on Facebook: [Read more…]

Some quick thoughts on “humanist communities”

Since James Croft asked (on Facebook), I’m going to quickly dash off some thought in response to his post “The Argument for Humanist Communities.” [Read more…]


And now for something completely different: a guest post I wrote for my friend Chris’ travel blog about a weekend trip I took to Jeju island. I think I tweeted it yesterday, but what the heck I can post the link here too. Warning, some pics NSFW. [Read more…]

Gangnam? I’ve been there

It’s bad form to brag, but this is too good not to brag about: Apparently, the South Korean pop song “Gangnam Style” has crossed over to being a huge hit in the US. “Gangnam” refers to a neighborhood in Seoul–one I’ve been to. When I get back to the US in 6 months, I’ll have [Read More…]

South Korean creationists manufactured a fake victory

This is a correction to a post I wrote where I reported that South Korean creationists had gotten evolution taken out of South Korean textbooks. I was wrong. I was alerted to this by an e-mail from reader David Cortesi who writes: [Read more…]