New on LessWrong: Willing gamblers, spherical cows, and AIs

Philosophy buffs will want to check out this post I just made on LessWrong: Willing gamblers, spherical cows, and AIs. The main focus is on probability theory and Dutch Book Arguments. Please leave your comments over there. Angry e-mails that you hate the commenting system on LessWrong can go to challquist at Google mail. [Read more…]

On completely misunderstanding the threat of superhuman AI

I have this bad habit where I’ll see an article that looks interesting and think, “ooh, I’d better save that and read it when I have time to really think about it and write some thoughtful comments on it.” Then a week to two months later, I finally read it and realize it’s crap and [Read More…]

“No different from fundamentalists/ a cult”

It’s one thing to accuse atheists of making their atheism like a religion, or accuse a particular group of atheists of being cult-like. In my experience there’s never anything behind those accusations, but in theory you could have a conversation about them by asking, “in what ways?” and so on. But whenever I hear accusations [Read More…]

Neuroscience basics & some criticism of Eliezer Yudkowsky

I’ve just written a post at LessWrong covering some basics of neuroscience and criticizing a claim by Eliezer Yudkowsky that the brain “just doesn’t really look all that complicated.” If you just want to read the latter part of the post, I’ve put my criticisms below the fold on this one: [Read more…]