June open thread: deconversion tactics and a blog intro page

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’ve gotten quite busy with other things, but I plan on forcing myself to blog more next week. Until then, here’s your June open thread. [Read more…]

Commenter appreciation day (May open thread)

A monthly open thread for readers to ask questions, suggest post topics, share random thoughts, and self-promote. [Read more…]

April open thread

Given my current posting rate, monthly seems about right for frequency of open threads. So expect one of these on the first of every month, or shortly thereafter–in this case, I was terrified of posting anything yesterday lest it be mistaken for an April Fools joke. [Read more…]

I want your comments! (open thread)

I’m a little puzzled by my blog data over the past week: traffic has been good, but I feel lonely for lack of comments. So open thread time! What’s on your mind? What do you want me to blog about? What burning questions that you’ve always been wondering about could I (or other commenters) resolve [Read More…]

Open thread

I’m making this an open thread for people to talk about whatever they want. This is partly because I’m (technically) on vacation–but partly because I really like the community that’s been growing up around this blog, especially in the last month. I want to see what you call can do when not constrained by having [Read More…]