Pope Francis: strong on economic issues, vulnerable on Argentinian death squads

The new pope is an anti-gay bigot, but you knew that would be the case before the pick was announced. On that front, we may as well just be relieved that the cardinals didn’t pick Peter Turkson, who has defended laws that would give the death penalty for homosexuality. [Read more…]

Yes, some religions (and cultures) are worse than others

Something strange I’ve encountered in online discussions of religion–and what makes it strange is that I’ve encountered it among people who are not in general defenders of religion–is a resistance to accepting that some religions and cultures are worse than others. [Read more…]

Gut reaction to Pope’s resignation: I don’t care

When I heard the Pope was resigning, my first thought was, “I didn’t know they could do that.” Apparently they can, it just hasn’t happened in 600 years. People are wondering what this could mean, but personally I suspect that all it means is that the Church figured out the “Pope until you die” thing [Read More…]

Explaining satire 101: a follow-up to my “Does this cartoon offend you?” post

It’s weird to realize that my “Does this cartoon offend you?” post is my most-viewed piece of writing ever by a wide margin. I’m not exactly sure it’s my most-read piece, because I’m not sure how many people on Reddit actually read the thing rather than just looking at the cartoon I was commenting on [Read More…]

A public service announcement regarding a certain religious organization

The following is an excerpt from chapter 4 of the book. [Read more…]

My book & the Catholic Church (re: Leah Libresco)

Leah Libresco was kind enough to link my blog after I made the move to Patheos, and gave a shout out to my “beta testing a book” project: [Read more…]