Video on the modal ontological argument

Counter Apologist has a video on the modal ontological argument, where he does a nice job of laying out some points I’ve made several times, as well as discussing possible responses to the Greatest Possible Demon objection: [Read more…]

Beta testing a book: Chapter 7: There are no good arguments for the existence of God

Okay, here’s another round of revisions on my chapter titled, There are no good arguments for the existence of God, which, thanks to some rearranging/cutting of material from old chapters 6-8, is now chapter 7. Main changes from the previous version of the chapter are that I’ve changed my mind somewhat on Aquinas et al., [Read More…]

Are believers stupid? Ignorant? Not worth talking to?

In their book Reasonable Atheism, Scott Aikin and Robert Talisse (two philosophers at Vanderbilt) define the “No Reasonable Opposition strategy” as follows (p. 28): [Read more…]