FIXED version of my free ebook

When I first put out my ebook, it had a couple major issues with page numbering as well as a graph being on the wrong page. These are now fixed. You can download the new version at the link provided (and please do so before passing the book on to any friends–it would be kinda [Read More…]

Issues with the ebook I put out last month

Hello everybody: when I released my first book as an ebook last month, people quickly pointed out some errors in the PDF, the biggest one being issues related to the page numbering. Fixing that one has been on my to do list, and I just got around to trying to tackle it… and noticed that [Read More…]

My first book–which takes on Christian apologists like William Lane Craig on the resurrection–available for free

At long last, and thanks to some great help from Jeff Cogswell, the ebook version of my first book–complete with a new preface–is now ready as a PDF. The book is called UFOs, Ghosts, and a Rising God: Debunking the Resurrection of Jesus, and I’m letting anyone download for free as an ebook. [Read more…]