Comments on the Craig-Rosenberg debate, part 1

So far I’ve only listened to the opening statements from William Lane Craig’s recent debate with Alex Rosenberg (audio here). In this post, I’m only going to comment on the Craig’s opening statement, along with the “Gish Gallop” issue. [Read more…]

On the Gish Gallop and related matters: a reply to Jeffery Jay Lowder

In a comment in a thread on the Craig-Rosenberg debate, Jeffery Jay Lowder writes: [Read more…]

Randal Rauser on William Lane Craig’s defense of the Canaanite genocide

This is interesting. Looks like Randal Rauser is going to be doing a series on William Lane Craig’s defense of the Canaanite genocide. From the first post: [Read more…]

Will Craig’s defenders also defend Duane Gish? (with comments on two of Craig’s debates)

In the aftermath of the Craig-Rosenberg debate, this post seems to be getting a lot of attention. Many of the Christians showing up to comment on that post seem unable to wrap their heads around the idea that “winning” debates might often involve rather sleazy tactics. [Read more…]

Beta testing a book: Chapter 8: William Lane Craig exposed

The footnotes aren’t done and I’m not satisfied with how the material on the resurrection is organized, but I’ve got other things to do than agonize over this, so: I give you what is now chapter 8 of the book, “William Lane Craig exposed.” I decided to limit myself to 3 arguments (Kalam, moral argument, Jesus’ resurrection), [Read More…]

From the archives: Seduced by sophistication (follow up to “Philosophy is dysfunctional”)

While writing another post, I just realized that while I had reposted my post “Philosophy is dysfunctional,” I’d never reposted this, the follow-up. Like the first post, it was originally published in July 2011. [Read more…]

A challenge for William Lane Craig’s defenders

This post is sort-of repeating the point I made here, but I got thinking about it again reading some of the Christian responses to this post. Many Christian defenders of William Lane Craig seem unable to wrap their heads around the idea that Craig might “win” (an ambiguous word that I prefer to avoid) his [Read More…]

Reply to Randal Rauser on Craig and Harris

Randal Rauser has put up a response to my post on William Lane Craig’s misrepresentations of his opponents, focusing on my (very brief) comments on the Craig-Harris debate. Let’s have a look: [Read more…]

Wanted: things people have claimed about the majority of Biblical scholars

Since William Lane Craig makes such a big deal about most scholars supposedly agreeing with him about everything important, it would be nice to accumulate examples of scholars claiming the majority is against Craig on various issues. [Read more…]