Why no alien radio signals?

On plausible assumptions, the universe should be teeming with intelligent life, so where are they all? The folks behind SETI have responded by going out and looking for it by scanning radio signals, but so far the search has turned up nothing. Could there be a Great Filter at work? Or do the aliens just have better technology? [Read more…]

What should skeptics believe about the singularity?

This is a guest post from Luke Muehlhauser, author of Common Sense Atheism and Worldview Naturalism, and Executive Director of MIRI. [Read more…]

Review: Luke Muehlhauser’s Facing the Intelligence Explosion

I just finished reading the current version of Luke Muehlhauser’s website/ebook Facing the Intelligence Explosion. I have a handful of minor complaints (for example), and there was one thing that kinda made me want to scream (which I’ll talk about in a future post), but on the whole, Luke makes a lot of important points [Read More…]

The future is a long time

A conversation I meant to blog about a couple months ago, but forgot about until now: [Read more…]