The Book

This post supersedes this post. It’s purpose is to organize blog posts I’ve written related to the book I’m working on. I’m also putting such posts in the category beta testing a book. I plan to eventually replace this page with links to places where you can buy this book in EPUB, PDF, and print on demand.

Title: Angry Atheists?: Why the Backlash Against Popular Atheism Is Silly

Chris’ crazy idea about how to write a book in the 21st century (explanation of the project, plus ignorable advice for people who want to comment on drafts)

Tweaking the “beta testing a book” project (modifies what I said in previous post)

Introduction: The one book that will convince you Christianity is false

Chapter 1: Don’t Panic!: On Finding Atheism Unfamiliar and Scary

Chapter 2: The Many Gods I Don’t Believe In (Yours Included)

Chapter 3: Why religious ideas are fair game

Chapter 4: This Is What Your Religion Looks Like to Me

Chapter 5: An Open Letter to Religious Believers on God and Evil

Chapter 6: The Conflict Between Science and Religion

Chapter 7: There Are No Good Arguments for the Existence of God

Chapter 8: William Lane Craig Exposed

Chapter 9: Bad Religion