Gospel Time Trekkers

We have officially reached the point where my eight-year-old is impressed with the review materials I get in my post office box, and I have Pauline Books & Media to thank.

Their new Gospel Time Trekkers series has caught her attention (and mine too, though I’ll have to wait to read them until she’s done). The series follows three siblings as they travel back to Gospel times to find Jesus. Their adventures include imaginative retellings of important Scriptural events, from the Nativity to the Crucifixion.

These books are aimed at children ages 6-8 and show them what it was like to live in Jesus’ time. My eight-year-old just became really excited about Mass this year when she both received her First Communion and started serving at Mass. I’m hoping these books, by exposing her to a closer look at Jesus as a person, will help her to personally encounter him in her own daily life.

The first three books of this six-book series are going to be released in mid-August and if you sign up for their pre-release list, you’ll get 20% off the price. Here’s a bit about each book:

Book 1: Shepherds to the Rescue

The siblings meet a boy named Benjamin and learn about shepherding and the birth of Jesus.

Book 2: Braving the Storm

Jesus performs the miracle of the five loaves and two fish and the miracle at the wedding at Cana. The siblings set off to find Jesus but get lost in a raging storm!

Book 3: Danger at Sea

 The siblings meet Rebecca—the girl whom Jesus welcomes into a gathering with his disciples—and her fisherfolk family.

I grew up reading Bible stories, and I’m excited to see this series in my home. I’m sure we’ll be reading and rereading these books and waiting excitedly for the next three.

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