In which Joseph acts honorably and is tossed into the clink where everyone has a dream.

Yes, back to Genesis we go in the latest episode of Forgotten Classics. Plus I mention a couple of Christmas podcasts to try out. [Read more...]

Julie and Scott got out of the convenience store just in time! After calling an ambulance, they talked about Tokyo Godfathers …

… , a meaningful Christmas movie from an unlikely source. Hear it all at A Good Story is Hard to Find podcast. [Read more...]

Hello Everyone … and Welcome to My Bookshelf

Here’s the thing. I read all the time. All. the. time. Some of it Catholic. Some of it not. And if that isn’t enough, I talk about what I read all the time. Yes. All. the. time. To everyone. And not all in one place. My big reviews tend to go up at Happy Catholic, [Read More...]