Body + Soul = A Theology of Discipleship

I was minding my own business, researching an article on Catholic Sex Ed, and next thing I knew, I was re-learning Evangelization 101.  You know, the part where they drill into your head the ol’ maxim about “First Do No Harm”?  Or, as we say in apologetics circles, “Try Not To Be Such a Jerk”? [Read More...]

How Far Can We Go by Brett Salkeld and Leah Perrault

I tend to be rules-based thinker.  I am an accountant by training, the kind of person who can read an IRS form and say, “Oh, this makes perfect sense!”  So when I think about chastity, simple, practical rules appeal to me.  Don’t hold hands unless ___­­____. No kiss until _________. Follow the method and it’ll [Read More...]

On Heaven and Earth

On Heaven and Earth is an extended dialogue, in book form, between Jorge Mario Bergoglio (now Pope Francis) and Rabbi Abraham Skorka. Apparently the two men became friends over a great many discussions over quite a long time, and eventually decided to put some of them into a book. The book is organized around a [Read More...]