Introduction to Catholicism for Adults, Chapter 2 Notes

Continuing now with my chapter-by-chapter review of Introduction to Catholicism for Adults by Rev. James Socias, which you’ll recall is hefty enough that yes, it is necessary to review the book in bits.  Chapter 2, aptly titled “The Existence of God and Divine Revelation” is about . . . yep, that. The chapter can be [Read More...]

Introduction to Catholicism for Adults, Chapter 1 Notes

When do you break down and write a book review chapter-by-chapter? When you suspect that pound-for-pound, the book is bigger than your own brain.  Hence the suspicion that by the time you finish Chapter 25, you’ll have no memory of how you really felt about Chapter 1. Big is not bad, when the topic is [Read More...]

My Pope

When Pope Benedict was elected pope in 2005, I was not yet Catholic; but I was already interested in the Catholic Church. I was reading Catholic blogs, and buying Catholic books. I’d heard of Cardinal Ratzinger, God’s Rottweiller, and had known people who could not say his name without emphasizing the word “Rat”. I wanted [Read More...]