P.G. Wodehouse, Free books!, Amazon, and Hats-in-Church

1.  I have homeschooler’s syndrome.  How do you pronounce “Wodehouse”, as in, P.G.? 2. I know there’s a great debate afoot about whether Catholics ought to buy books on Amazon.  Here’s what I’ve decided thus far: Free books don’t count. 3. I come from a family of undertakers, which might explain why I so enjoy [Read More...]

The Egg and I

Simcha Fisher back in May posted an article on LOL Books and mentioned this book. The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald.  One of my favorite memoirs.  A lovestruck newlywed follows her husband to the largely unspoiled wilderness of Washington State, where they carve out a homestead and raise chickens, with backbreaking labor from dawn [Read More...]

Priceless: You’re the friend I’d least want to kill …


Via the delightful Amy H. Sturgis, queen of the YA dystopian novel appreciators. [Read more...]