Halloween, Playfulness, and G.K. Chesterton

Why is Halloween the second most commercially-successful holiday in the US, and growing? In a follow-up to the Faith, Science & Halloween post, this morning on The Catholic Channel at SiriusXM I had a chance to chat with Gus Lloyd about the whole Halloween thing. My argument: People are playful. I’m aware that people also [Read More...]

Christianity in Three Books

Taking up the challenge (It’s like Jeopardy: follow the link to find out what question I’m answering is) . . . 1.  The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. Christianity writ large.  You want to understand Christian spirituality, this is your book. 2. Handbook of Christian Apologetics by Kreeft & Tacelli.  You can’t learn everything [Read More...]

Trends in YA Literature

A couple of years ago Steven D. Greydanus wrote an excellent essay A House Divided: Broken Homes, Flying Houses, Divorce, and Death in Family Fantasy Films. I thought that what he had to say was dead on. Some of the movies he discussed were based on children’s books. During the summer the site Sync offers [Read More...]