A Cordial Reading of Scripture

I have a dirty little secret. I don’t really like reading the Bible all that much. I mean, I’ve read it; all of the New Testament and much of the Old, much of it multiple times. I look at a passage of the New Testament and it tends to go in one eye and out [Read More...]

My Pope

When Pope Benedict was elected pope in 2005, I was not yet Catholic; but I was already interested in the Catholic Church. I was reading Catholic blogs, and buying Catholic books. I’d heard of Cardinal Ratzinger, God’s Rottweiller, and had known people who could not say his name without emphasizing the word “Rat”. I wanted [Read More...]

Reader’s Choice Awards: What’s YOUR favorite Catholic book?

readers choice 2013

About.com is once again hosting their Catholicism Reader’s Choice awards. Every year, the About Readers’ Choice Awards showcase the best products, people, organizations, and services in multiple categories, from technology to hobbies to parenting to religion. The readers of About.com make the nominations; each About.com Guide chooses the finalists (up to five in each category) from among [Read More...]