Innocence: A Novel by Dean Koontz I specifically bought this book based on an interview with the author and Raymond Arroro of EWTN. When I added it to my Goodread’s reading list I noticed that the ratings of this book were very mixed. As one of my friends noted, that people either loved or hated [Read More...]

A Few of My Favorite Mary Books


Over the years, I’ve gathered quite a library of Mary books. In fact, they have their own shelf (and, before long, I suspect there will be more than one shelf). Because May is Mary’s month, I thought it would be a good time to share five of my favorites with you. Mary, Mother of the [Read More...]

Celebrating Mary and Pilgrimaging to Jesus


I love May for a LOT of reasons, not least of which because it’s a month of usually lovely weather. This May finds me reading two books that are helping me appreciate the loveliness of two of my favorite people: Jesus and Mary. One is a book you’d expect to use for prayer, and the [Read More...]