Why Are Catholic Churches Like That? Reviewing “The Church” by Cardinal Donald Wuerl and Mike Aqulina

My rating: 5 of 5 stars The sacramental principle tells us that, since the Word became flesh, God has begun to heal and restore his creation. Spiritual light can now shine through the material world. On one level, bread and wine; on another, oil, candles, fabrics and paint, bricks, blocks, and filigree–all these can mediate [Read More...]

These Books Just In: Angels, Bones, Marriage, Buckets, and Modern Martyrs

It’s book publishing time and often when I check my mailbox I get that wonderful feeling of receiving an unexpected gift. I haven’t read these books … yet … for the most part, but I will be. However, I wanted to give a heads up on these because I don’t want you to wait on [Read More...]

Julie’s Take – Christianity in Three Books [Updated]

These things used to be called memes … but whatever they’re called, I find them difficult to resist.  Basically Rod Dreher has asked his readers, and the internet at large, what three books they would recommend to provide a basic familiarity with Christian theological ideas to someone with little background on the topic. Read all [Read More...]