These Books Just In: Angels, Bones, Marriage, Buckets, and Modern Martyrs

It’s book publishing time and often when I check my mailbox I get that wonderful feeling of receiving an unexpected gift. I haven’t read these books … yet … for the most part, but I will be. However, I wanted to give a heads up on these because I don’t want you to wait on [Read More...]

Julie’s Take – Christianity in Three Books [Updated]

These things used to be called memes … but whatever they’re called, I find them difficult to resist.  Basically Rod Dreher has asked his readers, and the internet at large, what three books they would recommend to provide a basic familiarity with Christian theological ideas to someone with little background on the topic. Read all [Read More...]

Thumbs Up for The Great Movies by Roger Ebert

The Great Movies by Roger Ebert My rating: 5 of 5 stars I miss Roger Ebert. Even when I disagreed with his online personal journal entries, which happened fairly frequently, I still loved reading him. Most importantly, of course, I miss reading his movie reviews every Friday. They were the anchor against which I measured [Read More...]