Thumbs Up for The Great Movies by Roger Ebert

The Great Movies by Roger Ebert My rating: 5 of 5 stars I miss Roger Ebert. Even when I disagreed with his online personal journal entries, which happened fairly frequently, I still loved reading him. Most importantly, of course, I miss reading his movie reviews every Friday. They were the anchor against which I measured [Read More...]

Mr. Pancks and Maggy: The Power of Dickens’ Minor Characters

I continue to be fascinated by how sharply Charles Dickens can draw minor characters. Mr. Pancks is one that I really enjoy every time he appears in Little Dorrit. He is immensely practical and I really love the way he handles Mr. F’s Aunt in this scene. She obviously has some form of senile dementia [Read More...]

My Inadvertent Participation in Banned Books Week

Not that I wouldn’t gladly plan to defiantly read a banned book. “Take that, small-minded censors! Ha!” (And I’d flourish the book and toss my head and so forth.) It’s just that I didn’t realize it was Banned Books Week until Dappled Things mentioned it. (They also hadn’t realized it.) Imagine my gratification at discovering [Read More...]