Worth a Thousand Words: Regency Lady Reading

Regency lady reading, Journal des Dames et des Modes (1811) via Books and Art This image goes delightfully with this wonderful Wall Street Journal article about one of my favorite authors, Georgette Heyer. Do go read it all. The war—and paper rationing—consolidated her reputation. As an “established stalwart,” she was disproportionately represented in the books [Read More...]

The Partially Examined Life: Gorgias by Plato [AUDIO DRAMA]

The Partially Examined Life podcast is doing something different with their latest podcast, an amateur full cast production of Gorgias by Plato (sort of). Gorgias is a Socratic dialogue, basically a script in which characters discussing philosophy. It was probably written around 380 BC. The subject of Gorgias is rhetoric, the art of persuasion, and [Read More...]

Of Withered Apples by Philip K. Dick

I did the story reading for SFFaudio and also participated in the discussion afterward. Pick it up at SFFaudio. [Read more...]