Once a Spy by Keith Thomson

Once a Spy by Keith Thomson My rating: 4 of 5 stars I came across this thanks to Mystery Scene magazine where I have found many great recommendations. Imagine a super spy managing to live long enough to develop Alzheimer’s. What happens when he may inadvertently let slip some of the big secrets he knows? [Read More...]

Philip K. Dick’s World … And Ours

So what does Dick have to say about surviving and prevailing in this world? [...] Instead he focused on human decency, as expressed through empathy and sacrifice. In his work, characters often come through by doing the hard thing at the right moment. … This is what Dick has to offer — something beyond mere [Read More...]

What I’m Reading: Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word

Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word: Meditations on the Gospel According to Saint Matthew by Erasmo Leiva Merikakis Yes it’s 700 pages and only covers the first third of the Gospel of Matthew. And your point is …? That I might not live long enough to finish all three books? If I don’t finish [Read More...]